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Get ready to start your professional coaching activity with bim

Follow the steps below ⬇️

1. Download the app

The app can be found on the Apple Store.


2. Create your account

Follow the different steps on the app to create your account, select: 

  • Gender

  • Username

  • Account type


When reaching the plan page, if you have a promo code, click on "promo code" at the bottom of the page, insert your code and redeem it. 


Then, follow the steps to finalize the creation of your profile.

3. Create your virtual gym

Once you download the app, we recommend you to setup your gym. 

Go the the Gym section on the homepage and click on the "+" icon.

You can create Public or Private gyms. 

  • Public gyms can be visible and accessible by any bim app user subscriber.

  • Private gyms are only be accessible by invitation. They are free. They can be the perfect tool to follow a small group of clients or with a 1-1 client.  

  • Gyms are unlimited, you can create as many gyms as you want.

When creating your own gym, you will have to set the following elements:

  • Name your gym

  • Upload background picture

  • Upload profile picture

  • Write a description explaining the content people can expect to find

  • Upload an introduction video of your gym to give a sneak peak to your members

4. Create or upload fitness content

On bim, you can upload your existing workout videos, create workout routines with the workout builder, record new videos and upload meal plans.

For each new asset uploaded or created, you can decide whether you want to have it published on your coach profile or if you only want to make it visible only to specific members in your gyms.

Number of videos

Number of workouts

Coach profile

Publish on your coach profile

Publish in a specific gym group

Publishing page

4.1 Uploading existing videos

On the homepage, go to the "My videos" section and click on upload a video. 

  • Click on Upload videos

  • Select your video from your phone and click next 

  • Trim your video if needed

  • When the upload is finished, click on "Review Video" 

  • Name you video and add description

  • Decide in which gym you want to publish your video 

  • Click "Save" 

4.2 Record your video using bim

You can record your own videos using bim app directly. You can follow one of the existing workout routines or use a routine you created. To record a new video, you can do it directly from the homepage.


You can start recording a video introduction or go directly to start the workout. We recommend doing a video introduction presenting yourself as a coach and the workout that will be done.

Once your workout is finished, the video will start uploading to your profile. Don't worry, it will not be visible until you publish it yourself! Once the upload is done, you can review your video, set up your title, description, language, and privacy.

5. Create workouts

Create your own workouts from the workout builder and share them with your clients. 

You can create workouts that can be public or private 

Public workouts can be seen from anyone through your coach profile. 

Private workouts will be only seen by the members of your gym. You can decide where to publish your workouts after creating a new workout. 

On the "My workouts" section on the homepage:

  • Click on "Create new workout"

  • Set a name, description, difficulty etc 

  • Add exercises from the workout builder

  • Click "Save"  

To select where you want to publish your workout

  • Click on "publish to gym" after creating your workout or click on the paper clip icon on top of your workout

  • Select where you want to publish your workout

  • Click Done 

6. Set up your Stripe account

Link your stripe account in bim app so you can get directly paid by your clients for 1-1 live sessions.

If you do not have a Stripe account, you can create one following the steps.

After setting up your Stripe account you will be able to set the price of your 1-1 live sessions and ask direct payment to your clients. 

You clients will be able to pay directly from bim via stripe or credit card. 

7. Share your profile or gym link

bim generates unique links for your coach profile and your gyms. You can easily invite your clients to join and share the link on your social media platforms. Add your link to your Linktree page on Instagram or share it through stories!

To share your coach profile:

  • Go to your profile 

  • Click on the top button "share" icon 

  • Share your profile through your favorite channel

To share your virtual gym:

  • Go to your gym

  • Click on the "..." on top of the page 

  • Click "Share"

  • Share your profile through your favorite channel

8. Plan workout sessions 

You can plan workout sessions with your clients, 1-1 live sessions, group live sessions inside your gyms or workout by yourself.  

1-1 paid live sessions 

On the homepage,  go to the "Upcoming sessions" section.


  • Click on the "+" icon 

  • Select "1-1 paid sessions" 

  • Set up the price of your session

  • Select your workout & date 

  • Add a participant

You must have set up your Stripe account to use this feature.

Group Live Workout

On the homepage,  go to the "Upcoming sessions" section.


  • Click on the "+" icon 

  • Select "Live workout with a routine" 

  • Select a workout & date 

  • Add the participants

To create a live workout in your gym, go the sessions section of your gym, then:

  • Click on the "+" icon 

  • Select "Live workout with a routine" 

  • Select a workout & date 

  • Add the participants

Video workout

You can also plan a workout with a recorded video. 

To set it up, follow the same steps than for the live workout but select "Workout watching a video" instead of live. 

9. Upload meal plans 

If you have existing meal plans you can directly upload a PDF file or directly scan a document from the application. 

  • Go the My Meal plan section on the homepage

  • Click on the '+' icon 

  • Upload you pdf or scan a document 

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