1. Download the app

The app can be found on the Apple Store and in Google Play. The first step is to get the app in your phone (if you have not done it yet) and then follow the onboarding process.


2. Follow the onboarding

The onboarding will consist of a set of information to help us set up your account and personalize it accordingly. When creating an account we recommend you the following:

  • Create a meaningful name to understand you are a coach

  • Set up a professional profile picture. This will increase your chances of being featured.

  • Select coach type account. If you are partnering up with us, send us an email to contact@bim.miami to send you the promo code for the subscription by email. The promo code will be valid only once. 

  • Include all the languages in which you will be comfortable speaking.

  • Upload a coach certificate to improve your visibility

Onboarding coach.png

3. Create your own gym

Once you download the app, we recommend you to setup your gym. If you have already done it, great! 

You can always change any of the parameters by reaching the settings of your group ⚙️.

If you have not created a group yet, you can do it through the for you page or the gym groups section.

create gym homepage_2x.png
gym group_2x.png

When creating your own gym, you will have to set the following elements.

- Set 2 pictures

- Find a good unique name 

- Write a little description explaining the content people can expect to find

- Set the gym to public to be more discoverable

We strongly recommend you to set in professional information to improve your visibility. As well, share the link of your gym in social media to gain more subscribers. 

creation of gym_2x.png

4. Create content inside your gym

There are several ways of keeping active your gym: upload existing workout videos, record your own videos with bim's app, schedule live workouts with your clients, chat inside your group and give them advices to continue in fitness.

4.1 Uploading existing videos

As a first step, we recommend you upload in this section the videos and we will process them for you. It can be good if the names of the videos are named with username_category_number. Here you have some examples:

coach anna_legs_1.mp4


ty fitness_cardio_2.mov

Once uploaded, you will be able to modify the name and description of the video inside the app and the date when you would like to publish it.

4.2 Record your video using bim

You can record your own videos using bim app directly. You can follow one of the workout routines and then the fitness interface will already be added to the video automatically. To start a new video, you can do it directly from the for you page, or from your profile.


Then, you will have to select a routine to follow. You can start recording a video introduction or go directly to start the workout. We recommend doing a video introduction presenting yourself as a coach and the workout that will be done.


Once your workout is finished, the video will start uploading to your profile. Don't worry, it will not be visible until you publish it yourself! Once the upload is done, you can review your video, set up your title, description, language, and privacy.


If you encounter any error while uploading it, do not hesitate to get in touch: contact@bim.miami