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Grow & manage your online activity

The all-in-one app to train with your clients in real time & manage your business.

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Give online fitness classes & more with the BEST personal trainer app.

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Find and manage your clients

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Schedule 1-1 paid sessions

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Generate passive income

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Design & deliver program plans

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Payment & revenue management

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Live teaching

Train your clients and follow their evolution through live video calls and in-app messages.
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Boost your revenues

Get paid for all your 1-1 services booked, monetize premium workouts, programs and pre-recorded videos.

Attract a new community

Create your certified personal trainer account and share your profile and services with worldwide fitness enthusiasts!

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Manage your online business

Set up your Stripe account and track your revenue thanks to its revenue management tool.
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Schedule & manage
your sessions

Plan sessions with your clients and see them synchronize with your calendar for an easy overview of your activity.
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Create step by step workouts

Design and share easy to follow routines and programs with our workout builder of over 200 exercises.
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Even more on Apple Watch, iPad & SharePlay

Access advanced features with your Apple Watch: real-time heart rate, Ghost mode & Competition mode.

Watch our detailed demo and dive in!

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