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In this section, we will describe the differences between the types of users and subscriptions.

Coach subscription

This subscription is for coaches to start monetizing their coaching activity through bim. The subscription allows to create their public gyms in less than 60 seconds and upload their fitness content to it. It can include workout videos, doing live classes and interacting with their gym members.

To know more on how to get started with the coach plan:


User Premium subscription

This subscription is meant for user to access exclusive content from coaches. You will get access to workout videos, chat interactions with the coach and tips for your fitness journey.

1 Gym Plan

With this plan you can access all the exclusive content of one of the coach’s gym. It includes workout videos, chat interactions with the coach and tips to get fit.

3 Gyms Plan

The plan includes access to 3 different gyms. The conditions are the same as for the 1 gym plan, but allowing access to different coaches.

Change gym policy

It is free to change gym as many times as you want. However, the date of the change to the new gym will be made the day before the gym renewal date. If you have already decided to make the change to another gym, and then you want to change again to a different one, the last gym selected will be the one that will be subscribed for the next month.

You have 24h to reverse the change of gym​ without any constraints. 

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