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Fitness with friends, communities and coaches

bim is a free social fitness application to play sports with others over video calls

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Work out now
with your community

Plan a training and just call your friends! Workout together as a team or compete against them to see who is the most fit between you!

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New coaching features

Be the leader of the workout and make everyone follow your moves!

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Discover or create
custom workouts

Discover the newest workouts from trainers and your friends. Do not find anything for you?

Then, create your own workouts with more than 160 exercises available!

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Your friends are busy?
Just train solo

You can still plan all your workouts and follow them by yourself

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Follow your
fitness evolution

See your progress, number of trainings, workout time, your achievements and leaderboard against your friends!


Try out the
new social fitness!

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Meet the team

Develop fun tech with agile techniques

Between Paris, India and Singapore

Always looking for

new talents

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UX/UI designer

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Android dev

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Le Tran

iOS dev

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Contact us

We are open to feedback, new ideas or people wanting to join the team!

If you are an online personal trainer or a gym and would like to know more about our technology feel free to reach out !

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