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The ultimate app for personal trainers to grow & manage your online fitness activity.

bim is an all-in-one application that helps personal trainers and gym owners train their clients online and expand their businesses.

*iOS only



bim's mission is to create the easiest way for fitness coaches and gym owners around the world to operate and grow their online activity and revenue.


Give Online Fitness classes & more with the BEST personal trainer app.

All the features you need to grow and manage your online fitness business.

Certified Personalized Coach Profile.

Live video calls.

Fitness routines creation.

Schedule management.

Payment and revenue management.

*Payment solutions available on iOS, coming soon on Android.


All-in-one application

Save time and have all of your coaching admin work in one place. Upload fitness online videos, schedule 1-1 paid sessions, use in-app purchases, manage your revenues, chat with clients, follow their fitness progress.

Design, create and deliver best fitness classes

Our workout builder gives you access to 300 pre-recorded free fitness exercises videos to use in your coaching program. You can customize your own workouts with time limits, reps and many more.

Find new clients & manage existing ones

Your current clients can create a free account on bim app. Boost your business thanks to in-app reviews from your clients & get more visibility by being featured on the homepage of the app.

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Create your certified coach account.

Get your clients motivated to achieve their fitness goal with your personal training account.

Use bim to create branded coach profile.

Upload your fitness certification, introduction video and socials.

Get reviews from your clients.

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Easily manage your clients.

Use bim to deliver motivational messages through in-app messaging. Organize and plan your paid 1-1 and group live sessions coaching schedule. 

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Easily manage groups by creating your virtual gym.

Create a virtual gym to coach a small group of clients or clients 1-1.

Upload your video content, create specific workouts, organize live sessions exclusively for your gym members .

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bim notifies your clients about workouts.

bim will automatically notify your clients about upcoming workouts, sessions and about your new videos on their phone. Your clients and you can will get automatic notifications on your calendar ahead of time. 

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Create, record & share custom routine.

Create your own workouts with more than 200 exercises available! 

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Receive secured payments.

Stripe integration enables you to receive direct payments inside the app.

Your clients can easily pay you with Stripe or by credit card.

Set up your Stripe account and track your revenue thanks to the revenue management tool.

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Watch our detailed demo and dive in!


Be part of the future of online fitness!

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