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bim is the easiest way to start and develop your online fitness coaching activity.

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Give live video fitness classes
to your community

Schedule sessions, invite your community and workout over video calls.

Crossfit Trainer

Create your coach profile & lead the classes

Be the leader of the workouts and make everyone follow your moves!


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collaborate with us?

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Create, record & share custom routines

Discover the newest workouts from trainers and your community.

Or create your own workouts with more than 200 exercises available!

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Unlimited solo workouts and class replays

All the workouts can be used solo, at anytime

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Follow and guide the progress of your community

Follow the progress, number of workouts accomplished, workout time, achievements and leaderboards of your community!

Advise and motivate your community members by chat or over video calls.


Be part of the future of online fitness!